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SCCAA 2017 Calendar of Activities

This group travels! Below is our schedule of events for 2017 and the first few fly-ins of 2018. Come join us! We welcome new members. If you want to see where we went the last few years, click below:

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Date Fly-ins and Activities Fly-in leader
Jan 8 Annual Flight/Activity Planning Party Michele Blair
Jan 17 Monterey - Lunch & Whale Watching Pat Gregory
Feb 12 LivermoreŚLunch at Beebe's Jack & Michele Blair
Mar 25 Watsonville—Lunch at Ella's Jack & Michele Blair
Apr 22 Concord--Lunch Dave & Erika Meinhardt
May 20 San Carlos -- Lunch Ralph & Susan Zerweck
Jun 4 Annual SCCAA Potluck Picnic Ralph & Susan Zerweck
Jul 15 Sonoma Segway Event Ken & Lucille Wilson
Aug 17 Pacifica—Lunch Sue Dunn
Sep 30-Oct 1 Salinas Airshow Jack & Michele Blair
Oct 4-6 Palm Springs ( 2 nights) Steve Stough &
Alphina Chung
Nov Half Moon Bay—Lunch TBA
Dec 2 Annual Christmas Party John & Jackie Irwin
2018 Activities
Jan Annual Flight/Activity Planning Party Jack & Michele Blair
Jan 14 Monterey - Lunch & Whale Watching Pat Gregory
Feb San Carlos—Hiller Museum TBA
Mar Los Banos—Lunch TBA
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