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Monument Valley 2003 Fly-in

The weekend of October 24-26 found the Santa Clara County Airmen in Monument Valley, Utah.

Thirty-two members and guests flew and drove to join one another for a weekend of fun. Dick/Jane Petty, Ralph/ Susan Zerweck, Mike McHugh, Kelli Gant, Tony Lem (with friend Marlene), Lucille/Ken Wilson, Ron/Penny Blake, Hal/Gwen Richardson, John/Marlena Shierholtz, Lou/Cricket Francois, JoAnn/ Wilson Scarbrough, Bob/Pat Engels, Jim/Brenda Leale, John/Jackie Irwin, Don Gardner (and friend Jennifer), Doug Potter (with son and nephew), Richard Dove (with his wife), Beth/Greg Lanzoni.

The setting was Goulding's Lodge at Monument Valley. All participants arrived on Friday. Some took an air tour of the monuments before landing. The gravel/paved strip was no challenge for our group.

We relaxed on Friday, and enjoyed lunch, happy hour and dinner together. for a day of exploration in the desert. We traveled in open-air trucks to see first Mystery Valley and then the famous Monument Valley. The trip was a bit cool with winds blowing following the passing of the low front on Friday. We "enjoyed" a barbeque lunch in the shade of the impressive rock formations. The only problem was it was in the shade and quite cold and windy.

Our guide, Ashley, went into wonderful details about how the people still live in hogans and how creative they are to use anything mother nature produces to live.

The monuments are truly impressive and worthy of a visit by anyone who hasn't gone before. Our Navajo guide shared interesting information about customs and history during the tour. We returned after eight hours and headed for the showers to wash out the pounds of red dust on our bodies and clothing!


Lineup of SCCAA planes on the Goulding's Airstrip. This shot is from the lodge.

Goulding's Lodge from the airstrip


John Ford Point


Tour stop at Ford Point