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  Punta Chivato Fly-in

Each April, a group of about 20 SCCAA members wing their way down to beautiful Baja Sur for a relaxing loonnnggg.... weekend at Punta Chivato.

Members enjoy doing nothing, eating, reading, fishing, eating, snorkeling, playing cards, eating, sleeping, more eating, and taking long walks along the beach to collect beautiful sea shells.

The Punta Chivato hotel is walking distance from our tied down airplanes. The Punta Chivato runway is hard packed dirt, sand, and shells.

Check out
BajaQuest for more information about Punta Chivato.


Punta Chivato, Baja Sur

SCCAA members spend at least one week here every April.

Picture taken by Jackie Irwin


The Parking Area
Shown are several SCCAA member and local planes.
The parking area is about 20 yards from the beach.


Punta Chivato, Baja Sur, April, 1997
The SCCAA gang at cocktail hour


Favorite Pastimes
Doing nothing.... And eating...

  And then, some members are more adventurous

Ralph Zerweck brings his own boat to Chivato in his plane. Here Ralph is getting assistance from one of the local military personnel and SCCAA member Mike McHugh watches the whole process.
Relaxing on the Restaurant Deck

John and Jackie Irwin enjoy the late afternoon.

This is probably after a morning out in their boat that they also bring to Chivato.

John and Jackie are the SCCAA fishing experts!

Going Home...

Leaving Punta Chivato, many members stop at San Felipe to clear Mexican Customs and refuel for the trip to Calexico to clear US Customs.