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The SCCAA History

The Santa Clara County Airmen's Association was founded on September 8, 1950. At that time, Santa Clara County was a rural, agricultural region with a small population.

SCCAA was formed by a group of local pilots with the purpose of persuading the county to purchase and develop Reid Hillview airport. The main emphasis initially was on legislative matters to achieve this goal, which was successful.

Following this, members worked to keep the other two county airports operational. The Airmen had a representative reporting to the California Pilots Association to report on local and regional aviation issues. In the late 1980s, the FAA received input from a task force composed of several SCCAA members regarding the establishment of the ARSA in San Jose, and many of the recommendations made were incorporated into the final design of the Class C airspace in existence today.

Membership in the SCCAA dropped from early years but has remained quite constant over the past 15 years. Longevity is due to the social aspects of flying and the camaraderie of the members. Highlights are the monthly fly-ins, the annual picnic and the Christmas party. Fly-ins have been to diverse areas such as Alaska, Canada, Mexico. Oshkosh, the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque and the country music mecca of Branson, MO.

50th Anniversary Party slideshow presentation (PowerPoint, 58 slides, 14.8MB)
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Our presidential history:

2015 Barbara Murren    
2013-2014 Susan Zerweck 1975 Kaylene Loos
2011-2012 John Irwin 1974 Encell Richardson
2009-2010 Penny Blake 1973 John Keenan
2007-2008 Ron Blake 1972 Duane Merlott
2005-2006 Buck Kendrick 1971 Vince Robinson
2004 Jim Becker 1970 Ed Laughlin
2001-2003 David Meinhardt 1969 Brian Thomas
2000-2001 Jane Petty 1968 Oscar Lundstrom
1998-1999 Buck Kendrick 1967 Ken Johanson
1996-1997 Bob Engels 1966 Emmette Gatewood
1994-1995 Sharon Hunt 1965 Jim Morby
1993 Leona McCaskey 1964 Bob Rooman
1991-1992 Claudine Perkins 1963 Bob Hovey
1989-1990 David Meinhardt 1962 Vern Ulrich
1988 George Ganschow 1961 Rolph Stoddard
1986-1987 Paul Terry 1960 Glenn Miller
1985 Gary Hartley 1959 Guy Blood
1983-1984 Claudine Perkins 1958 Larry Silva
1982 Jim Adams 1957 Ray Shannon
1981 Leona McCaskey 1956 Dick Bauer
1980 Bob Rooman 1955 Mel Jones
1979 John Lamb 1954 Fred Gerlach
1978 Hal Richardson 1953 George Scott
Don Gerow
1977 William F. McCool 1952 Raymond F. Schneider
1976 Walter Windus 1950-1951 P.G. Robinson

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